Super Gaming introduces the character “Mr. India” in its Battle Royale Game “Indus”

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Super Gaming, has announced a new addition to its battle royale game, “Indus.” Adding a twist to the gaming experience, SuperGaming announced the inclusion of the character “Mr. India” in the game’s roster on their YouTube channel.

Known for its diverse portfolio of mobile games such as MaskGun, Devil Amongst Us, and Tower Conquest, SuperGaming has been working on gaming innovation in India. With a team of five founding members, the company has invested extensively in developing its gaming engine, enabling the creation of real-time multiplayer games.

Indus,” SuperGaming’s Indo-Futuristic battle royale game, has already generated buzz, with over 10 million pre-registrations through Google Play for Android devices. The game’s closed beta program, launched in February 2024, garnered acclaim, paving the way for its anticipated release.

SuperGaming has now revealed that “Indus” will feature the iconic character of “Mr. India” from the 1987 science-fiction fantasy film by Shekhar Kapoor, where actor Anil Kapoor played the iconic Mr. India. Players will have the opportunity to embody this invisible avatar, strategically outwitting their opponents with stealth and precision. Additionally, a power-up named “Mogambo vision” will provide Mr. India players with the ability to detect adversaries and gain an edge on the battlefield.

The incorporation of “Mr. India” into the game shows that Super Gaming wants to bring gaming experiences to players worldwide. By blending Indian art, culture, and narratives into the game’s storyline, “Indus” shows the possibility of redefining the battle royale genre.

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