Chhattisgarh: CA including 14 others arrested in multiple probes linked to Mahadev Book and Reddy Anna illegal betting apps

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Raipur Police on Saturday, August 12, have successfully hunted down multiple groups linked to Mahadev Book and Reddy Anna betting apps.

Notably, a chartered accountant (CA), who was also the mastermind of the case, was arrested along with 8 individuals. Moreover, police were also successful in seizure of Rs 14.5 lakh in cash, 21 mobiles, several bank passbooks and cheque books, laptops, computers and books containing transactions record books.

Reportedly, as per Nai Duniya, apart from the cash seized during the raid, the police also discovered bank accounts with crores of balance. The police took immediate action after a Trimurti Nagar resident, Arun Jal reported details of the incident.

Arun said that Rajat Agarwal had approached him in need of bank accounts for carrying out several important transactions. Rajat had guilty intentions when he said that he will return bank money post few days. In order to help Rajat, Arun gave his Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, and other IDs.

Rajat then opened a bank account and, while keeping the ATM card and PAN Card with himself. Soon, he told Arun that he closed the bank account after his work. Arun confirmed with the bank, only to find that the account was active. He also realized that transactions worth crores of rupees were carried out.

He immediately filed a complaint with police. Acting quickly upon the provided information, SSP Prashant Aggarwal and ASP Abhishek Maheshwari started a probe. Apart from Rajat, seven other individuals arrested under the probe were identified as Himanshu Singh, Mantu Manjhi, Madan Kumar Yadav, Mohd. Umair, Mohit Tank, CA Farhan and Upendra Das.

All these individuals duped innocent people to open fraudulent bank accounts and then operate illegal Mahadev Book transactions.

Another similar case

A similar case of opening a fraud bank account occurred when a vegetable seller, Rajendra Kumar Bharti purchased a new SIM card. The people working at the store Sanju and Vaibhav Shukla asked for PAN card and two photographs as well as signed a blank paper claiming it as requirement to get a new SIM card.

Later it was discovered that they had opened a fake bank account under Bharti’s name which had transaction worth Rs 2.5 crore. Bharti immediately informed the Gudhiyari Police, post which the anti-crime and cyber unit started the probe.

It was later discovered that both of the store operators were linked with Mahadev Book illegal betting app. The police arrest both Sanju and Vaibhav Shukla along with another member named Prashant Agarwal.