Telangana: Online gaming addict banker siphons crores from his own bank

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A 29-year-old banker from Warangal, Telangana has siphoned over Rs 8.65 crores from his own bank. Apparently, the banker used the siphoned money to quench his thirst for online gaming.

The gambling addict is identified as Bairishetty Karthik. Notably, Karthik is the deputy manager of Narsampet branch of the bank. Karthik, according to the inspector S. Ravi Kumar, loved playing online rummy and poker. Thus, after running out of money to play, he sanctioned fake loans and transferred the money to his own account.

As per Deccan Chronicle, Karthik used the siphoned money to play a variety of online games. His actions were only revealed after the bank’s regional head O. Srinivas conducted an audit. He found that Karthik has taken over Rs 8 crore from the bank using fake loans sanction.

As soon as Srinivas came to know about the situation, he filed a complaint against the deputy manager. Knowing he is being looked after, Karthik swiftly made an escape. The police, however, have issued search notices against the online gaming addict.

The regional head came forward to assure the panicked customers. He clarified that there is nothing to worry about as their money is safe. Srinivas also added that customers can carry out transactions without any difficulties.

The negatives of online gaming addiction

Online gaming addiction can be dangerous mentally, financially and socially. Recently, a 26-year-old married woman from Bengaluru lost Rs 4 lakh in online Ludo addiction. G2G News has previously reported countless instances of people falling for online gaming addiction.

Sometimes, illegal platforms dupe as legal operators and defraud innocent people, who then lose their hard-earned money. People are often to be warned by the police and others to be aware of sketchy offers.

People may seek professional help if they feel they are falling prey to online gaming addiction. An important thing to note here is that people should check legitimacy of online gaming apps.

People who are unsure regarding the illegitimacy and banned online gaming apps information can check here.
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