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Digital Extremes will release ‘Warframe’s’ cinematic story-driven expansion ‘The New War’ on all platforms

Warframe developer Digital Extremes will release its much-awaited cinematic story-driven expansion The New War for all platforms. The expansion marks the first major cinematic release for Warframe to take full advantage of next-gen platform tools since the award-winning action game released for next-gen consoles. Full of non-stop space action, combat, and a spoiler-heavy personal story of self-discovery, Warframe’s The New War is the culmination of its free Cinematic Quest line – a AAA developed single-player story-driven experience within Warframe that takes players on a journey across its 16 planets and 3 Open Worlds as they work to restore balance to a fractured interstellar ecosystem, the Origin System. Dramatic twists and unexpected surprises litter The New War with unforgettable moments that will leave players on the edge of their seats waiting to discover what unfolds.