Australia: NSW authorities continue to curb illegal gambling ads

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Government authorities in New South Wales (NSW) are still on crackdown against bookmakers for illegal gambling activities. Their latest action comes as a fine of AUD 20,000 to make bookmakers follow the rules.

Liquor and Gaming NSW’s Executive Director of Regulatory Operations, Jane Lin, revealed that they will continue their zero tolerance policy against operators that advertise inducements.

“There is simply no excuse for wagering companies to advertise inducements, and they can be assured that the risk of being caught and prosecuted is extremely high,” Jane Lin was saying as per Asia Gaming Brief.

She further stated that the group will keep an eye on various media platforms for further illegal gambling ads. She further added that they would advocate for a higher penalty against the wrongdoers.

NSW to start cashless gaming trial

NSW’s Independent Panel on Gaming Reform is also prioritizing cashless gaming trial in the state. Reports suggest that they are eager to implement the same. This will serve as a way to reduce gambling harm and criminal activity.

The meeting regarding the cashless trial was held on Monday, August 14. The meeting will also large scale casino operators like The Star. The trial will debut starting October with 50 machines, the number of which will be increased around 500 in the future.

At the end of the cashless trial, the independent panel will review the data and develop recommendations for Government accordingly that will help them to further reduce gambling harm and money laundering.

Starting September 1, another law that will prohibit gaming outlets from using signs like VIP Room, Golden Lounge, Players’ Room. Some use images of dragons, coins, and lightning to invite the public for illegal gambling ads. Operators can be fined up to AUD 11,000 for every time they are found breaking the rules.