AKEF to host ‘Valorant’ Ultimate Battle Season 1 at a prizepool of Rs 50,000

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All Kerala Esports Federation (AKEF) has launched 15-day Valorant Ultimate Battle Season 1. The tournament to have an IPL model execution for the first time in Kerala, and the tournament will be presented by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). 

“As an org functioning in Kerala, it is our responsibility to do everything we can for the prosperity of the Kerala Gaming Community. And this one is indeed an opportunity for the hidden talents in Kerala to come to the limelight. Valorant is one of those games that holds the future of Esports. This game provides an enormous opportunity for players internationally; we aim to yield similar standards that help bring heights down for the Gamers in Kerala. Also, the new IPL model tournament execution system will create some extra dimensions in the Esports industry. We are grateful to both AMD and the YouTubers who are here to support us. And for all the gaming enthusiasts out there- we are doing all we can to keep you entertained in these tough times. Stay safe.” said All Kerala Esports Federation president Amal Arjun.

The tournament will feature well-known Kerala Gaming YouTubers owned  eight teams who will be competing for a prize pool of Rs50,000. From 13June, 2021, group stage matches will commence and prior to it, there will be virtual money auction of players and teams to take place on 6June. The team owners can use the auction to create a team out of the 48 players available.

Here are the franchise owners for the AKEF Valorant Ultimate Battle Season 1:

  • Kaztro’s Vikings: Kaztro Gaming
  • Psycho’s Aces: Blind Psycho
  • Eagle’s Ravens: Eagle Gaming
  • Viper’s Bulls: Viper Esports
  • Dafuq’s Demons: Dafuq
  • Joker’s Vandals: Joker
  • Villain’s Assassins: Villain
  • Xpain’s Tridents: Xpain

 Both the auction and the tournament will be streamed live on AKEF Esports YouTube Channel in English and Malayalam.