Battlegrounds Mobile India: Top 5 High Tier Loot Spots on Erangel Map

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Battlegrounds Mobile India, aka BGMI, is a multiplayer shooter in which 100 people engage in a battle royale scenario. Players can play as a single, a duet, or a squad. To make it to the end, players will require stuff such as guns, ammo, throwables, healing, and other items. On the island, loot may be found all over the place. After playing the game for a while, you’ll notice that some POIs have greater loot than others.

While the flight patterns and drop zones in BGMI change, the finest treasure places remain the same. Gear is created at random in Battlegrounds Mobile India, although a few POIs are known to be hot drops due to the high-tier loot they contain. Check out the top five places in BGMI to get the high-tier treasure.

Military Base

On the Erangel map, the Military Base is the southernmost island with the highest constant amount of high-quality treasure. Military-grade treasure may be found in the area, which includes level 3 helmets, body armour, weapon attachments, scopes, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and more. 

However, because the Military Base is often a hot drop in Battlegrounds Mobile India, this prize comes with significant risk. The three middle buildings that form a ‘C’ shape can be targeted by players. If the flight path is distant from the Military Base, players can get there utilising fast vehicles such as motorcycles, since the region will be a perfect spot to loot in peace at that time.

Players must be prepared for war upon returning to the main island, since there may be an ambush on the bridges.


The Novorepnoye region is located in the southern island’s right corner. The finest place for treasure is the shipping crates, where you may start with the warehouses and then go over the top of containers for fantastic stuff. It’s an excellent location for late-game rotation because boats are constantly accessible at the beach. Prepare for combat with Military base players who may use the bridges next to this POI to revolve across the island.


The H-shaped hospital facility is the finest location for treasure in this area. In the corridors, there is a great amount of stuff, including military-grade loot. The treasure is sufficient for a whole squad to prepare for the battle and make it to the end.

The Georgopol Containers, often known as crates, are the area’s second-best source of treasure. Start with the three warehouses and work your way up to the tops of containers while gathering riches. Expect one or more squads to arrive at the same time in this POI. Early conflicts are rampant in Georgopol, and players must plunder quickly to live.


The School is a square-shaped structure designed by Rozhok that is both popular and dangerous due to its dead centre location within plane routes’ landing distance. You’ll discover enough loot for a complete squad at School. In Battlegrounds Mobile India, the School building holds a lot of level 2 gear, strong weapons, attachments, healings, and more. Players may also dash to the surrounding buildings to the east, which are excellent hiding spots.


You must warm up for the battle, then move to the Pochinki if players excel in close-range combat. Pochinki contains a lot of wealth, but getting it is difficult. Pochinki is one of Erangle’s most popular drops, and players can always count on numerous teams vying for the high-tier treasure. The entire region comprises a great number of structures, making it difficult to determine where opposing teams are due to a large number of hiding locations. Pochinki is strategically positioned in the middle of the map, giving it the tactical benefit of being in the safe zone throughout the early stages of the game.