BGMI now available to play, introduces new in-game features as celebration

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Popular Indian mobile game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is now available to download for both Android and Apple devices with its latest 2.5 update bringing in a new 1×1 map along with several gameplay changes.

The latest map is named Nusa with a remote tropical island theme. The map is much smaller compared to other OG maps and is best suited for short matches with rush gameplay. Key highlights for the map include zipline for fast travel, combustible buildings, zorb balls and Super Recall.

With Super Recall, players can respawn their teammates in duo or squad mode. This can be really helpful as having a player less in gunfight inside the game can be disadvantageous. Besides that, the map features new weapons like Tactical Crossbow, NS2000 Shotgun, and new 2-seater vehicle called quad.

Maps in general also have had some visuals changes, full review of the new updated BGMI will soon follow. As of now, it seems players can log in to their old accounts and play with friends while completing some tasks to earn rewards.

BGMI celebrates with new event for gaming community

Celebrating the launch, there is currently a seven-day login even going on by the developers where players can get a purple-grade guardian set. Additionally, a 15-day rank race is also currently going on where players can unlock a pink-grade Badlands Punk outfit.

However, there are certain rules and regulations that the company need to abide by to ensure safety of players. As covered in an earlier post, these include limited hours for a player under the age of 18, and a six-hour limit for everyone else.

Additionally, there is a light censorship on the violence including change in color of blood splashes, nudity, etc. Players who could not preload the game earlier can head over to Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS) to install the game.