Counter Strike 2 limited play-testing receives major update

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Valve released another major update to Counter Strike 2 for players who are in the limited play-testing phase of the game. Ever since the announcement back in March, Valve is working on improving the game and adding much awaited quality of life features.

The latest update includes changes to server tick, VAC, smokes, animation, game input, weapons and have added steam workshop tools along with changing the limited test matchmaking server from Dust II to Mirage.

A change in map will let players experience how the game feels different playing on another map and the addition of workshop tools will allow artist in the CS community to design weapon skins, custom maps and stickers.

But the biggest highlight is the devs ditching the old weapon wheel for a modern flat layout weapon layout to choose weapons, armour and utilities from. Players might recognize the new weapon selection layout being inspired by Valorant.

The new layout is one of the huge quality of life update that players have been asking for a long time. This will allow not only an easy way to pick weapons, but will also let players refund the weapons and utilities in the same round for accidental purchases and buy a different item.

Weapon options added to equip in-game

Another big quality of life update include a new loadout system where players can select five pistols, any five mid-tier weapons, and any five rifles of player preference to take in matches. This means that gone are the days when players could only bring either M4A4 or M4A1-S.

While most of the players seem to be welcoming the changes, some players are concerned with the 15 weapon slot limit. It should be noted that the game is in limited play testing and this may be changed in the final release. The main motive of the testing update is to get the players’ feedback and improve on it.