Esports fan engagement platform FanSpace to launch on 15 August

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The beta mode of FanSpace, an esports fan engagement platform owned by Esports Collective (ESC), will be launched on August 15, Monday, and will go public on September 18. This platform is said to resolve the issue with information flow and access that the gaming community is currently facing.

FanSpace will provide match reports, statistical data and the results of all the competitive games that will take place in India. It is said that the Indian esports and video gaming system lacks a fan engagement platform that is data-driven. ESC said that it noticed the business scope and cashed in on the opportunity to enhance community engagement, and also facilitate the fans with all the data, numbers and information about any given match being just a click away.

“We dedicated several months of research to garner insights and understand the problems that lie in competitive gaming. As esports is heading towards a mainstream sport, there is a lack of authentic and one-stop availability of data, statistics and performance metrics of esports athletes and teams,” the Co-founder of FanSpace, Aryaman Kataruka, was quoted as saying by Mint.

Kataruka further stated that the gaming industry approximates the number of esports players to have doubled in a about year from 300,000 in 2020 to 600,000. Kataruka also said that the total prize money crossed INR 200 million with an exponential rise of 600,000 hours in 2020 to two million hours in viewership, in 2021, according to a recent EY report. eSports is a medal event in the upcoming Asian Games 2022. 

“With our holistic approach, we are deploying various industry-first technology initiatives on our platform to merge competitive telemetry data along with community engagement and provide fans with a one-stop destination for all the information that they require,” said Rohit Reddy, Co-founder of FanSpace.

There are several social media outlets that supply users with esports-related news and also updates about video games. But none of them facilitated them with a central dashboard bearing quality data said FanSpace