FIFAe Nations Cup 2022 – Where to Watch and All You Need To Know

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Beginning with the first FIFA Interactive World Cup in 2004, FIFA’s eFootball activities grew into a professional sport in recent years, which is now recognized by the distinct FIFAe brand. FIFAe is more than simply a sport; it’s a way of life, a musical identity, and a community that anybody can join and become fully immersed in. It is a platform for fans and businesses that blurs the line between traditional football and digital football or eFootball.

FIFAe is a universe where everyone may have exhilarating experiences, including spectators, players, and fans! There are several options to compete at the highest level with FIFAe, including the FIFAe World Cup, FIFAe Club World Cup, FIFAe Continental Cup, and FIFAe Nations Cup. And only the finest may achieve immortal glory by triumphing in the contests.

Fortune favours the brave, and there are many brave heroes in the world. Everyone has the potential to become famous and motivate people, encouraging them to strive to surpass their idols in the future. Talent, passion, and commitment are the only factors that count in this situation because competitors have access to legacy.

The FIFAe Global CupTM is the ultimate competition for people to become part of an exclusive club of world champions. The story is driven by emotion and dramatic confrontations, highlighting the top players from across the world as they compete for ultimate glory and FIFAe’s biggest individual reward.

Here’s all you need to know about the tournament:


24 nations will be participating in the finals of the FIFAe Nations Cup 2022 including hosts Denmark. Following are the teams that have made it to the finals of the mega-event.
Denmark, England, Poland, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Netherlands, Scotland, Israel, Italy, France, Singapore, Japan, India, Korea Republic, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, and Peru.


The finals will be played on July 30 2022 at the Bella Arena in Copenhagen.

Broadcast Details

The FIFAe Finals in their entirety will be streamed live on FIFAe’s Twitch and Facebook Channels.