Garena postpones Free Fire India launch by ‘few more weeks’

Published on:

The release of the upcoming India exclusive battle royale game Free Fire India by Garena has been postponed. The game’s initial release was planned for today, but has now been delayed by a “few more weeks”.

The developers provided the reasoning, saying, “To ensure we can offer the best possible experience to all of our Free Fire India fans from the start, we will postpone the launch by a few more weeks. In addition to refining the gameplay, we are taking some time to fully complete our localisation of the Free Fire India experience.”

Free Fire was one of the few BR games that made quite a name for itself before being banned by the government along with 154 other apps due to national security concerns.

Free Fire competed on par with BGMI, and given that the latter has also made a comeback, the former may have been delayed by the developers to further make some major tweaks and leave no room for any further concerns or complaints from fans.

The game is believed to be released in line with similar terms as BGMI with servers in India only, along with appropriate restrictions on gameplay time, spendings and verification for minors. Garena has partnered with Yotta, a MeitY-listed cloud service for local cloud hosting and storage infrastructure for Free Fire India.

Moreover, Garena has recently teamed up with Uttar Pradesh government to promote esports in the state. The state government had already announced the move under their new policy and Garena, along with Yotta, plans to help out UP with their initiative.

This comes at a time when the gaming sector is witnessing tremendous growth in India. Several players across different gaming genre are making a name for themselves with many representing India at the international level, too.