India’s CS:GO roster qualifies for Asian regional qualifiers

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Indian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) roster has secured a spot in the Asian regional qualifiers that will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from July 10-17 by defeating other teams in the bracket during South Asian regional qualifiers matches.

The current roster includes Harsh Jain (f1redup), Jaspreet Singh (SpawN), Sadab Khan (SK wow^), Piyush Kalwania (clouda), Nikhil Kathe (N1kace) and substitute Omkar Thube (omkar09).

The team opened up with wins against Bangladesh with a 16-9 score and Sri-Lanka with a 16-8 score. Continuing the flow on the second day, the team went on to defeat Nepal with a 16-5 score followed by another win against Pakistan with a final score of 16-6.

The two teams playing against each other as Counter-Terrorist (CT) or Terrorist (T). The CTs will have to successfully defend two spots until time runs out and the Ts have to successfully plant explosives on any one of the spots and stop the CT from defusing it.

First to 16 rounds wins the match. Captain of the Indian CS:GO team, Harsh Jain played a crucial part in the Bangladesh and Nepal matches scoring 29 kills in the first and 31 kills in the latter.

Incredible accomplishment for all of us, says Harsh Jain

Speaking on the occasion, Jain said, “Qualifying for the Asian qualifiers and representing India as well as the country’s CS:GO community is an incredible accomplishment for all of us. I am really happy that we finished at the top in the South Asian Regionals by beating each and every team. This is the result of months of extensive practice sessions, strategic planning, and careful analysis of our competitors.”

“The competition will undoubtedly be fierce as we’ll be facing off against some of the best teams from Asia, but we feel that we’re ready for it. We can’t wait to compete, and give our best to qualify for the World Esports Championships in Iasi,” he further added.

Looking at the current form of the team it is safe to say that they will be giving a tough time to the opponents during the Asian regional qualifiers. The team will now have to try and secure a spot for the 15th World Esports Championships in Iasi through the Asian Qualifiers.

The 15th World Esports Championships will feature many tournaments of popular esports title like eFootball, DOTA 2, Tekken 7, Mobile Legends, PUBG: Mobile, and CS:GO with a whooping $500,000 prize pool.

Extremely proud of our team, says President Vinod Tiwari

President of Esports Federation of India, Vinod Tiwari said, “We are extremely proud of our CS:GO team for making it to the Asian qualifiers. The journey till here has been tough, but the hard work and dedication of our players have paid off. We wish them all the best for their upcoming qualifiers and are confident that they will make it to the grand finals in Iasi.”