Krafton India announces ‘BGMI Ki Boli’ to celebrate linguistic diversity

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BGMI-developer Krafton India on Monday, September 18, announced a special campaign called “BGMI KI BOLI”. Notably, Krafton announced the event to celebrate the linguistic diversity has developed across the country with their game. Notably, BGMI stands as the most downloaded game in India in esports category.

An event will be hosted in order to commemorate the campaign. Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official YouTube page posted a video to announce the event, which depicts how the gaming community has evolved around the esports title. Additionally, some social media posts also made rounds before the actual announcement of the campaign.

In the video, it can be seen how some slangs, which have evolved out of playing BGMI. The developers claim that these slangs have become a new dialect in the virtual realm of the esports industry. Additionally, it has become a new dialect in itself, which represents the fast-growing community of the game in India.

BGMI Ki Boli celebrates the diverse gaming community, says Srinjoy Das

Speaking on the occasion, Srinjoy Das, Associate Director of Marketing at Krafton India, expressed that ‘BGMI Ki Boli’ celebrates the diverse gaming community in the country.

“This campaign is a homage to our BGMI community and the universe of BGMI. It celebrates the connection within our diverse gaming community and the unique dialect that has sprung from it. We are happy to present ‘BGMI Ki Boli,’ a testament to the harmony between our BGMI community and the vernacular that has originated from it.” Das said as per Financial Express.