Esports ‘League of Legends’ based ‘Arcane’ becomes number 1 on Netflix; dethroning ‘Squid Game’

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In less than a week since the launch of Riot Games first animated series for League of Legends Arcane, it managed to claim the number one spot on Netflix surpassing the Korean series Squid Games. It is noteworthy that League of Legends is one of the largest esports with various annual tournaments taking place worldwide. Riot Games is owned by the Chinese internet and gaming giant Tencent.

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The series which was released on 6 November has become Netflix’s most-watched series in no time. As per the FlixPatrol report, the League Of Legends series topped the global Netflix charts for 9 November and as per IGN, the series #1 position was maintained in 37 countries.

Bloomberg also reported that Arcane has garnered over 130 million views in the East Asian countries and has become the most-searched topic on Tencent owned streaming platform.

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Arcane set in the League of Legends universe was announced at the League of Legends 10th anniversary celebrations in 2019 and it recently launched its official music video.

Aside from a crossover with Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, Riot had organised a red carpet event to time with the premiere of Arcane on Netflix. Streamers were able to co-stream the first episode on Twitch without risk of DMCA takedown.

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The storyline is set in the past, it retells the origin stories of several characters from Piltover and Zaun. Like the game which it is based on, Arcane is aimed at a “14+” audience and will deal with some more adult subject matter. Set in utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun, the story follows the origins of two iconic League champions-and the power that will tear them apart.

Notably, Riot Games is not the first game studio to venture into entertainment. At the start of the year, Valve had released its own animated series, Dota: Dragon’s Blood, which broke down Dota’s overarching conflict into a palatable storyline for newcomers while staying faithful to the existing lore.