PM Modi asks gamers about common perception equating gaming with gambling

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently met with a select group of Indian gamers. The interaction, captured in a video shared by news agency ANI, showcased Modi’s keen interest in the gaming world as he got into discussions about industry growth and relevant concerns.

The gathering comprised seven prominent gamers from India: Animesh Agrawal, Naman Mathur, Mithilesh Patankar, Payal Dhare, Tirth Mehta, Ganesh Gangadhar, and Anshu Bisht.

When the Prime Minister talked with them, the gamers pointed out that Indian myth-based games are becoming more popular. They also mentioned that the government is starting to notice how creative gamers can be.


While talking to the gamers, Modi asked them lots of questions to learn more about the gaming world. One significant query revolved around the perception of gaming being equated to gambling, to which a gamer emphasized the importance of distinguishing between real-money games (RMG) and skill-based gaming.

The Prime Minister also inquired whether more efforts should be made to encourage girls to participate in gaming and whether they should take a greater interest in the field.  He also addressed concerns regarding gaming addiction, seeking insights from the gamers on the matter. What they said showed why it’s important to play games responsibly and be aware of how they can sometimes become addictive.

The meeting highlighted the growing importance of the gaming sector in India and the government’s acknowledgment of its economic and cultural impact. Modi’s engagement with gamers not only highlighted his curiosity about emerging technologies but also signaled a proactive approach towards addressing concerns and encouraging growth in the gaming industry.

Prime Minister Modi’s dialogue with Indian gamers serves as a testament to the transformative potential of the gaming industry and the importance of collaborative efforts in harnessing its benefits for the nation.