PUBG Mobile with new anti-cheat system to prevent in-game hacking

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PUBG Mobile have rolled out its latest Anti-Cheat system on their latest game update, and it has been working really well. Although the game already had an Anti-Cheat system, it was rather old and bypassed by almost any type of cheating application out there. The New Anti-Cheat is called FOG OF WAR.

Pubg Mobile is the most famous Battle Royale game on mobile out there and has been a fan favorite since its release. Every day hundreds of thousands of people log in and play the game, but there’s still a problem that plagues every game out there, and that is “Hacking” or, more specifically, players that modify game files for their advantage and ruin the fun for other people.

With the new Fog of War Anti-Cheat system, the developers of the game have mentioned a decrease of about 62% in Hacking/Cheating. This new anti-cheat system was initially available for selected groups on specific maps, during which it was able to reduce the Hacking/Cheating problem by about 50%. Now that the anti-cheat has been rolled out in the latest update, there has been significant security improvement, and more improvements are expected in this new anti-cheat.

Workings of the FoW Anti-Cheat:

The developers mention in the introduction video that the anti-cheat prevents wall hackers from seeing others through walls and leaving them helpless; it also mentions a new Ban-Pan anti-cheat feature which can be speculated as the new system of detecting if any of the game files have been altered and permanently ban the cheaters accordingly.

The developers also stated that it prevents cheating from a source, which can also mean that the new Fog of War Anti-Cheat might be some kind of Kernel Level anti-cheat which is also seen in Valorant from Riot Games; kernel level anti-cheat also means that the Cheaters/Hackers cannot use that device to play Pubg ever again, but the developer have not confirmed this anywhere.