Xbox removes discount on Game Pass ahead of Starfield launch

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Release for the upcoming single-player AAA title from Bethesda, Starfield is just around the corner. In order to prevent the abuse of two-week trial period, Xbox has removed the introductory discount for its Game Pass. Earlier, during the introductory price, the Game Pass could be purchased for $1 and just Rs 49 in India.

The price for PC Game Pass is back up to $10/month (Rs 349). The console Game Pass is also back to $11/month for standard edition and $16/month for Game Pass Ultimate. The standalone purchase price for the game is $70 (Rs 4,999).

Considering the hype, the move is understandable, as over a 95% discount is quite unreasonable for a game which can be a sound competitor for game of the year among few other released or upcoming this year.

The game is planned to be a classic Bethesda title. If done right, it can become a game where players can spend hours like other Bethesda games. And with this, the discounted price won’t even matter at that point.

Deluxe Upgrade for Starfield to be taken separately

Another thing to note is that to get the true ‘Day One’ experience, gamers will need to get the Deluxe Upgrade for Starfield separately. This allows players to play the game up to five days early as compared to the release date of September 6.

Considering the raw price of the game, its availability on Game Pass can be very impactful, especially in India as people will have to pay a reasonable price for some of the best games available on market. Players can also cancel subscription and continue the game when they want.

Xbox owner Microsoft is currently in the process of acquiring Activision Blizzard for $69 billion. The company has received green light from all regulators except the CMA in UK. If the deal goes through, Game Pass will have all the Activision titles available.