Xpain’s Tridents bags AKEF VALORANT Ultimate Battle Season

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AKEF VALORANT Ultimate Battle Season 1, the IPL model esports tournament, concluded with Xpain’s Tridents bagging the title.

The team seemed invincible even from the first round of the group stages extended their undisputed run all the way into the champions title by beating Jokers Vandals in the finals for the scores of 13-6 and 13-6 on both rounds. Despite losing in the ultimate clash, Vandals showed some incredible quality by reaching the final by winning consecutive matches from the eliminators. But that wasn’t enough to beat the Tridents, who didn’t even lose a single match in the tournament.

The other two promising teams of the tournament– Dafuq Demons and Kaztros Vikings, ended up respectively in the third and fourth positions. Rude, the spearhead of Xpains Tridents’ title run, turned out to be the tournament MVP with 332 average combat score while Retnox and Caution of Jokers’ Vandals filled the second and third best player spots.

The 15-day tournament, filled with fierce gameplays and unlimited entertainment, was a grand success when considering its disciplined and organized execution and community support. Amal Arjun, the president of AKEF , implies that he never expected such kind of tremendous response towards an event based on a game that’s not yet so popular in the Kerala Gaming Community.

“The exposure that the event has generated both for the Valorant game and its players among the Kerala Gaming Community is really great. Thanks for AMD, the team owners, and especially the supporters who made all this happen”, he said.