A third of urban Indians have played online fantasy sports

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A third of city-dwelling Indians claim to have played online fantasy sports for money in the past one month, says a report released by YouGov’s Gambling Profiles. Notably, the percentage of women playing fantasy sports has been almost equal to that of men (35 per cent men vs 32 per cent women).

Nearly three in 10 (28 per cent) urban Indians said that they are likely to play fantasy sports for money in the next one month, with just above a quarter of women saying this (26 per cent).

YouGov’s Global Sector Head of Leisure & Entertainment Oliver Rowe recently called gambling a major industry that brands and partners deserve to have accurate and always-on data at their fingertips.

“With the advances in technology, seismic impact of Covid-19, and the contrasting changes in regulation around the world, YouGov Global Gambling Profiles represents the most comprehensive, in-depth and valuable dataset in the market,” Rowe added.

Not just fantasy sports, online casino slot games and online poker are on the rise among urban Indian women, with approximately a quarter of them saying they played these games for money in the previous month (23 per cent for each).

In the fantasy sports genre, Dream11 came out as the most used app by women to play money games online. Consumption of the app is almost equivalent among men and women (43 per cent vs 39 per cent). 

Applications like Spin Casino, Spin Samba and Casino Midas are more popular amongst women.

On an average, a third of the Indian female fantasy gamers spend smaller amounts (up to Rs 1,000) on fantasy sports games every month (33 per cent).

One in five (21 per cent) said they spend between 1K-10K, while only 16 per cent claim to spend more than 10k on online fantasy gaming.

The data is extrapolated by interviewing more than 500,000 interviews per year, with new data collected and updated monthly.