Food delivery guy teaches how to play Dream11 responsibly

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A 42-year-old food delivery executive named Yugank (Altered name) from Indore, Madhya Pradesh has been playing fantasy cricket on India’s largest fantasy sports platform Dream11 for some time now. Yugank believes, if he is lucky enough, he will win big someday and buy his own land in the village to settle down.

What people don’t know was that Yugank has been playing fantasy cricket with due diligence and very responsibly. An interview by Dharmesh Ba, creator of “The India Notes” uncovered that Yugank create only two or three team each day and that’s about it.

Yugank has not won any top prize on the platform yet but believes it’s the only way for him to have enough funds to buy land. He plans to buy three/four acre of land in his village and engage in farming activities.

“If I were to receive Rs. 50 lakh in one go, I could at least purchase 3 to 4 acres of land in the village. Assuming I can buy one acre for 10 lakh, I would invest in 3 to 4 acres and engage in farming on that land,” Yugank said.

Knowing the limitations of income for a delivery executive working for over five year now, he has been playing fantasy cricket daily for about two years now and has spent around Rs 15,000-20,000 on the platform in order to make some additional income and fulfil the desires and demands of his family.

“You cannot earn a substantial income through conventional work like mine,” he further added.

An advertisement from a TV commercial caught his attention, after which he downloaded the app and started making teams on Dream11. Yugank had seen a person win Rs 1 crore once but nothing more than that, all other wins usually come through news.

In an era where people are finding themselves in debt traps and even taking a toll on their lives by playing different skill-based games, Yugank is an ideal example of how one can play fantasy cricket knowing the limitations of their income and how much they can really afford to splurge on trying their luck.

By setting a limit up to what you can spend every day, people can stay away from the danger of going bankrupt.