T20 World Cup 2022: Hilarious Dream11 campaign shows cricketers in alternative careers

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In a latest campaign by Dream11, players from the Indian cricket team are depicted as common people doing a variety of regular jobs and being really bad at them. The campaign hit TV screens during the ad breaks of the India-Pakistan match of the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup.

The campaign shows the cricketers in alternative careers – Rishabh Pant as a Ghazal singer, Hardik Pandya as your regular barber and Rohit Sharma working in a bakery. All of them were depicted as plain and uninteresting individuals, which as per Dream11’s message, shows how important it is to follow your dreams and do what you like.

As reported by Business Standard in August 2022 the rates for ads during the India-Pakistan match were estimated to be around Rs 14-15 lakh per 10 seconds, and on digital media Disney-Hotstar estimated ad rates at cost per thousand impressions of about Rs 270-280.

According to Moneycontrol the match between the two rivals drew over 1.6 crore viewers on Disney+Hotstar which is the highest viewership on the digital platform so far.

Dream11 is one of the biggest fantasy sports platforms in India with a variety of sports categories for its users. Over the years, Dream11 has started many projects like Dream Game Studios where they plan to create next-gen AAA quality games for mobile devices along with Dream Sports Foundation (DSF) that focuses on growth of the Indian sports sector by providing support to deserving and talented individuals to prove themselves in a variety of sports.

Dream11 is also one of the 21 partners of the ongoing T20 World Cup, among other big brands such as BYJUS and Emirates. The company has grown significantly, especially in recent years with the growth in popularity and uptake of fantasy sports.