Indian Test jersey receives fan backlash over Dream11 logo

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Jerseys of the Indian cricket team were recently revealed, and the Indian fans have left no time to criticise the new design and point out the bright red logo for the new sponsor Dream11.

While some have compared it to the previous sponsor, Byju’s calling the design straight up ugly, others have called out the lack of Team India representation, asking why is there not ‘INDIA’ instead of ‘DREAM11’.

The memes are flooding in with people wishing the best of luck to the Dream11 team for the upcoming West Indies Test series instead of the Indian team in a sarcastic manner. Some of them have called out BCCI for making the game a business and not caring about fans.

Many people have commented, asking the players and BCCI to focus on the game rather than getting more money through sponsors, as the past few months have not been any good, with the team losing matches one after another.

One of the popular entrepreneurs on Twitter named, Gabbar Singh also made fun of the jersey, calling them out to add more colourful logos, which will look even better.

As of now, it seems that fans are not very excited about the reveal and would rather have something similar to the kit worn during the World Test Championship (WTC) final last month.

The new jerseys were designed after Dream11 replaced Byju’s as the jersey sponsor for Rs 358 crore. The change was met with criticism from some fans as they called out BCCI for taking a real money gaming company as a sponsor after they ruled RMG companies out without confirming that RMG companies were not allowed with fantasy apps as an exception.