Rario reverses shutdown decision amidst backlash, maintains reward program for cricket NFT platform

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Rario, the cricket non-fungible platform (NFT) backed by Dream11 parent Dream Sports, has decided to maintain its current rewards program following backlash from users who faced losses on their investments. Contrary to their earlier announcement of shutting down the platform on January 29, 2024, the company has now revealed its intention to continue allowing users to utilize their cards for playing and trading on the marketplace, with additional prizes lined up for the upcoming Indian T20 League and World Cup.

As reported by Money Control, In a recent statement, Rario stated, “We will be continuing with Rario’s current rewards program, allowing you to use your cards to play and trade on our marketplace, and win prizes.” This unexpected decision comes just a week after the initial announcement that Rario would cease its current product, unveiling plans to launch a new gaming platform in March 2024 featuring ‘engaging’ cricket-based games. The initial plan had sparked a wave of discontent among users, especially with the revelation that current Rario cards would not be compatible with the upcoming platform.

Rario responded to the user outcry by ensuring that they were working on a plan to compensate users for potential losses. However, the latest revelation suggests a shift in strategy, with the company planning to introduce the promised new features directly to the existing platform. This move marks a significant change in direction for Rario, raising questions about the future of the platform and the impact on its user base.

Notably, these developments unfold several months after the departure of Rario founders Ankit Wadhwa and Sunny Bhanot, leaving CFO Priyesh Karia as the interim CEO. As Rario navigates these changes, users and the gaming community eagerly await further updates on the platform’s trajectory.