G2G Expo 2022 – Three days to go

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India’s biggest gaming expo, ‘The G2G Expo’, is just three days away and everyone is really hyped for it. The gaming industry’s biggest personalities will be speaking at the expo and serving as special guests, making it a one-of-a-kind event.

With about 10+ exhibitor categories and more than 2000 game and tech enthusiasts and fans attending the event is expected to be a smorgasbord of information and updates about the Indian gaming industry moving forward.

The expo will be the most effective approach to learn about how India’s gaming industry is changing with speakers like Roland Landers (CEO, All India Gaming Federation), Suraj Chokhani (CEO, Ability Games) and Amin Rozani (CEO, Spartan Poker) sharing their knowledge on the inside workings and how decision-making in the gaming sector is done.

Jaydeep Chakravartty, member of Meghalaya Gaming Commission & iGaming consultant will also be one of the key speakers along with the founder of Gridlogic and Taj Rummy, Pariekshit Maddishetty. Also, Sharmilee Daru, founder of Sharmilee Daru PR, would be sharing her insights on the significance of brand marketing and PR for the gaming industry.

Jay Sayta, advisor for G2G Expo and veteran journalist Soumitra Bose will share their knowledge and experience from their long careers as industry professionals and on certain themes. In addition to them, Jayesh Ranjan (Principal Secretary, Information Technology, Government of Telangana) is invited as ‘Guest of Honour’ and Dr. Pramod Sawant (Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa) as ‘Chief Guest’ (subject to confirmation). Both the dignitaries will be there to exchange ideas from the perspective of governments.

Not to be forgotten are the two hosts, Shefali Bagga, a well-known Indian journalist and a fame from Bigg Boss, and Ahmad Haffar, the voice of Dubai, who will be coming to heighten the event’s atmosphere and attract everyone with their charisma.

The expo will also have an awards ceremony to celebrate and honour those businesspeople who have worked hard in their fields to advance the gaming industry. This will also help young and up-and-coming entrepreneurs gain recognition.

Last but not the least the venue, the two-day expo will be held at the Park Regis Hotel in Goa. The Park Regis is the ideal location that fulfills all of the requirements for the G2G Expo, including guest speeches, panel discussions, award shows, and an after-party with some of the most outstanding professionals in the field.

The two days of the event will take place on November 11 and 12. Those who plan to attend can purchase the VIP tickets by clicking here and learn more about the event by visiting the official G2G Expo website.