10 detained by police for conducting illegal gambling activities at Congress councillor’s house

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The ban on gambling has been imposed all over India, and it implies to every citizen of the nation. But not everyone follows the government’s rules and regulations, and there always is a set of people who do exactly the opposite of what is meant to be. As for gambling is concerned, the number of rule breakers is countless.

The Alwar Sadar Police Station in Rajasthan detained 10 people who were gambling in a building’s basement close to Bhugor Tiraha as part of a big operation and seized more than Rs 2 lakh from their belongings. A similar incident was reported last month, in Pune, when the Social Security Cell had raided an apartment’s parking lot and seized cash believed to be worth 6.80 lakh.

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A team led by CO Amit Kumar has taken into custody 10 gamblers while they were performing unlawful activities in the basement of a house. Based on the information provided by an informant, they were arrested close to the Bhugor bypass, inside the borders of the Alwar Sadar police station, and the police also acquired ₹2,04,070 from them.

Sadar police station in-charge Rajesh Sharma informed that a search warrant was issued after receiving information from an informant that gambling activities were being undertaken in a basement room on the Bhugor Bypass where a large group of people had gathered. Following the issuance of the search warrant, the Aravali Vihar police station, the deputy superintendent of police for rural Amit Chaudhary, and his office staff, conducted a raid.

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When the raid was announced, there was immediate panic, and some people even tried to vacate the area to save themselves from the trouble, but the police apprehended everyone and put them into custody. Thus the 10 people were detained and they have turned over ₹2,04,070 in cash, along with other goods like card leaves.

According to the police, the bet was being made at councillor Ravindra Meena’s home in Bhakheda. In addition, Chandgiram and Suresh Kumar, both residents of Kesarpur, Prakash, a resident of Bas Kherli, Sannu Bhairu, a resident of Palkhari, OmPrakash, a resident of Bhugor, Nasruddin, a resident of Kesarpur, Ashok, a resident of Ramnagar police station Sadar, and Mahendra and Hariram, residents of Rupwas were among those who were conducting the illegal activities.