$2,00,000 raised by PlayCKC in seed funding by Freeflow Venture Builders

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PlayCKC, one of the four startups out of 200 selected as part of the first Sports Tech Cohort by JWS Sports and India Accelerator, has raised $2,00,000 in its seed funding from high net-worth individuals like Sanjay Nagi and Sharan Parikh.

PlayCKC was founded by Swapnil Manish, Anuradha Sinha, and Sanket Khemuka as a way for sports fans to play live matches while winning prizes and having fun. The app provides two types of games, Fantasy format and PlayCKC predict but plans on expanding more with funding.

Co-founder and CEO Swapnil Manish said, “We at PlayCKC are creating a new segment of sports gamers as we strongly believe that sports fans deserve gaming beyond traditional fantasy sports. PlayCKC caters to sports fans’ need to engage during live action. The first round of investors is the most special as they show faith in a startup’s belief at a very early stage. We will use the funds to improve product-market fit and build and retain our core team.”

One of the lead investors at PlayCKC said, “In an age where immersions are key for conversions and platform experience is the key to stickiness, PlayCKC is the closest bet to continual player experience in the most future-proof manner possible. Our bets on the founders and the culture manifest our achieved clarity with their vision, execution, and cumulative abilities.”

While Mona Singh, co-founder of India Accelerator, who partnered with JSW Sports last year, said, “We recognize the need for responsible gaming companies in the continuously emerging sports gaming industry. PlayCKC fits in perfectly with its mission to offer fan engagement that aligns with the real-world behavior of sports fans,” stating PlayCKC as one of the new-age sports gaming startups.