5 Best gaming chairs in India under 20K

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Losing the track of time isn’t uncommon when it comes to passionate gaming sessions. PC gamers, especially, stay in a single spot while gaming for endless hours. These long sessions can be tiring and brings bad posture risk, which can lead to several physical conditions. Thus, a gaming chair comes handy.

Gaming chairs are an essential part of gaming, while also having a comfortable seat for longer hours. This not only maintains the posture, but also makes one feel less tired. On top that, gaming chairs are also ideal for those who want to work from home. In short, sitting in front of the PC desk on a gaming chair is much better than risking your physique.

Today, we have curated a set of some of the best gaming chairs out there, ranging lesser than 20K. It is to be noted that a gaming chair requires self-assembly, and that is the only ‘tiring’ part about these comfortable seats. So without much time, let’s get going straight-away into the list.

Here are the best gaming chairs under Rs 20,000 in India:

5. DROGO Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The first on the list is the DROGO Multipurpose Ergonomic Chair. And this is probably the most budget-friendly chair out there, not just in this list, but overall. From a headrest to lumbar support, and comfortable cushioning, this chair has it all.

While being priced cheaply, the chair also boasts a 3D armrest that comes with multiple adjustment levels. There’s also a 180-degree recline level that allows the person to take a quick nap. So yeah, one can’t complain about all the features packed with this.

The DROGO multipurpose gaming chair is available here.

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