5 games like PUBG Mobile Lite for slow Android devices

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PUBG Mobile Lite’s Season 27 is ending and Season 28 is about to start. Although Indian players cannot enjoy the delights of playing PUBG, there are some alternatives to the game. Check this list below:

  1. ScarFall: The Royale Combat

This game is quite similar to PUBG Mobile Lite with a number of fancy outfit options for players to choose from. One of the most unique features of the game is that it allows players to revive themselves a maximum of three times. 

  1. Battle Royale 3D: Warrior63

Players can travel around different locations across the map using vehicles such as those in PUBG Mobile Lite. Currently, the game has over a million downloads on Google Play Store.  It can be played on devices with the Android 4.1 version and above.

  1. Free survival: Five Battlegrounds

As the name suggests, Free survival’s ultimate aim is survival, similar to PUBG Mobile Lite. In addition, players can have even more fun during the story mode even without the internet.

  1. Blood Rivals: Survival Battlegrounds FPS Shooter

The user interface of the game will definitely remind players of PUBG Mobile Lite as it has really smooth controls and good graphics. With 4.2 stars and a good rating on Google Play Store, this is a must-play for those who love PUBG.

  1. Fire Force Free: Shooting Games & Gun Survival War

This is also a shooting and survival game like PUBG Mobile Lite and was updated on 20th August 2021. With a 73 MB file size, players can play this game even without the internet.