Ahmedabad cyber-crime busts gambling racket linked to Mahadev App: two arrested

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Ahmedabad Cyber Crime authorities have dismantled a gambling racket associated with the Mahadev Book App and other illegal gaming platforms, arresting two individuals from a hotel in Sola. Alongside the arrests, police have obtained a list containing names of various individuals engaged in gaming betting activities facilitated by the two detainees.

Acting on a tip-off received on a Friday evening, Ahmedabad Cyber Crime personnel were alerted to the presence of two youths engaged in online gaming near the Supreme Hotel on Sola Road, reported Gujarat Samachar. Afterwards, a surveillance operation was initiated, resulting in the arrest of Pratham Khatri, a resident of Harsolia Vas, Deesa, Banaskantha, and Raj Padhiyar, residing in Sindhi Colony, Deesa.

During interrogation, it was revealed that the duo was involved in gambling activities on platforms affiliated with Mahadev Book and other bookies. Their modus operandi involved collecting money from clients and transferring it directly into the bookie’s account, receiving commissions in return. Additionally, they confessed to participating in online casino gambling.

As part of the investigation, the police seized the mobile phones belonging to the suspects, commencing a deeper probe into the matter. The interrogation also unveiled the identities of individuals engaged in online gambling through the duo’s facilitation, hinting at the potential for significant revelations in the case.

Earlier Ahmedabad police crime branch also found that more than 10,000 bank accounts were opened in Gujarat in connection with the Mahadev App. The arrest of Khatri and Padhiyar emphasises the ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to combat illegal gambling operations, particularly those facilitated by online platforms like Mahadev Book and others. As investigations continue, authorities remain vigilant to curb such illicit activities and uphold the law.