AIGF to host knowledge series at Bengaluru GAFX 2024

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The All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), the primary industry association for the online gaming sector in India, has revealed plans for the second edition of the AIGF Knowledge Series. The initiative is scheduled to occur at Bengaluru GAFX 2024, a prominent annual event of the Indian Animation, VFX, Gaming, and Comics (AVGC) industry, endorsed by the Government of Karnataka.

The “AIGF Knowledge Series” serves as a comprehensive module designed to initiate discussions and raise awareness about the online skill gaming landscape. Collaborating with various states, the series aims to conduct insightful discussions on strategic gaming themes through panel discussions and fireside chats led by industry experts and gaming ecosystem stakeholders. The inaugural edition took place in Meghalaya, and the upcoming knowledge series is slated for January 31st, 2024, at Lalit, Bengaluru, commencing at 3 pm.

Renowned industry experts, thought leaders, and key stakeholders will convene to share insights into the latest developments, challenges, and solutions in the realm of online gaming safety. The Indian online gaming industry, positioned for significant growth, generated revenues of Rs. 260 billion ($3.1 billion) in 2023 and is projected to reach Rs. 625 billion ($7.5 billion) in the next five years, according to a report.

The AIGF emphasizes the non-promotional nature of the event, highlighting its objective to benefit game creators, the industry, and gamers alike, contributing to the establishment of a safe, secure, trusted, and accountable gaming ecosystem within Digital India.

Mr. Roland Landers, CEO of the All India Gaming Federation, expressed satisfaction in introducing the AIGF’s flagship knowledge series in Bengaluru. He stated, “Our objective with this series is to facilitate insightful and engaging discussions on strategic gaming themes. We also aim to collaborate with other key states in the future to enhance outreach and awareness towards online gaming. Through this knowledge series, we invite all stakeholders in the gaming industry to actively participate in this insightful event. By fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge, we can collectively contribute to the development of a safer and more trusted online gaming ecosystem.”

As the Indian online gaming industry evolves, the AIGF Knowledge Series at Bengaluru GAFX 2024 provides a crucial platform for industry stakeholders to collaborate, share insights, and influence the future of the online gaming landscape.