Apple suspends gambling ads after complaints from developers

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Apple has suspended all gambling ads and a few other categories after a large number of developer complaints surfaced concerning ads of unrelated apps being displayed in the ‘you might also like’ section of the app store.

The company announced on Tuesday that developers could advertise their apps on store pages of other apps under ‘you may also like’ or recommended sections but since the announcement a number of gambling ads have flooded the aforementioned sections of other app pages.

Many of the ad placements were inappropriate. Some Twitter users uploaded screenshots of online slot machine apps being advertised next to gambling addiction recovery apps while others were infuriated with gambling app recommendations on Apple books page and children and dating app pages.

Joe Rossignol, a well-known Mac rumors reporter, has said that Apple has not clarified how long the suspension will last or there will be any policy changes as the current one has not been effective.

The App store is regulated when it comes to advertising. For example, gambling, dating, alcohol and the pharmaceutical and medical industry apps are ‘restricted’, which means they can only be shown in specific places and while it does have “prohibited or limited in some countries and regions” policy it does not specify which audiences it can serve.

Meanwhile, the Minister of State For Electronics and Information Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar has talked to Apple about the reports of their latest phone model iPhone 14 Pro running out of stock in Delhi. He then clarified the reason saying it was due to surge in demand for the latest model and Apple is currently addressing the supply constraints. Chandrasekhar said, “Private sales are probably “alternate” supply channels.”