Asian casino options outside Macau: A booming activity hubs

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Macau has been a major player in the Asian casino industry, but there are several other destinations that offer similar experiences and are becoming increasingly popular with tourists. Further new projects like that of in Japan aim to target a large chunk of gambling revenues.

The recent developments in luxury and gaming sectors in the South Asian countries aim to end dominance of Macau as gaming leader.

For instance, Singapore has been positioning itself as a leading destination for luxury and entertainment. Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa are two of the largest integrated resorts in the world that offer a wide range of amenities, including casinos, hotels, shopping, and dining.

Similarly, the Entertainment City in Manila, Philippines, has become a popular gambling destination, and the area boasts several integrated resorts with gaming options, hotels, and restaurants. Last year, there have reports that suppliers of slot machines, baccarat table systems and other casino equipment relocating to Philippines citing business uncertainty in Macau.

Jeju Island in South Korea has also emerged as a popular gambling destination outside of Macau, with the Jeju Shinhwa World being the largest integrated resort in Korea.

Additionally, Genting Highlands in Malaysia is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, with the Resorts World Genting being the largest casino in Malaysia, offering various gaming options, hotels, and entertainment facilities.

While Nepal’s casinos have attracted a significant number of tourists, especially from neighboring India, who are drawn to the country’s scenic beauty and cultural attractions, as well as the opportunity to gamble in a legal and regulated environment.

These developments demonstrate the growing competition in the Asian casino industry, and they are expected to challenge Macau’s position in the future.

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns had a significant impact on the Macau casino industry. While Macau’s competitors also had lockdowns they are not as long as those imposed in Macau.

Further, the Chinese government has been looking to diversify Macau’s economy beyond its reliance on the casino industry. While the industry remains a significant contributor to the local economy, there has been a growing recognition among the Chinese rulers that Macau needs to reduce its dependence on gambling and promote other sectors, such as tourism, culture, and creative industries. This also is helping booming Asian casino hubs outside Macau.