ATechnos’ GoGames.Run programs will boost the cloud gaming landscape in India

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ATechnos,  has launched GoGames.Run publisher, developer and gamification programs in India. 

 ATechnos managing director and co-founder  Apurv Modi, said, “Cloud Gaming is the future and is enabling a radical transformation in the media industry. So, we feel very proud that we are able to bring the next level of audience engagement on platforms that have seen massive growth amidst the pandemic. With the addition of instant gratifications, the integration can add tremendous value to any platform, whether they want to engage and retain the existing users or add new users. The integration also enables platforms to innovate and bring in revenue from advertisers. We are sure that GoGames.Run gaming platform will have a deep impact on audience consumption patterns.”

GoGames.Run offers a bunch of games for users of all ages, including augmented and virtual reality games. GoGames.Run comprise of over 500 games across categories including action, arcade, casual, board, sports, mystery and more. Additionally many new games are added every month, which can be easily played on laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

ATechnos vice president gaming Rahul Jain added, “With GoGames.Run now available for all platforms including apps, websites, social media platforms and OTT, the window of opportunity for game developers also opens up. We understand the importance of direct-to-consumer access and being able to have a quick turnaround time for revenue generation. GoGames partnerships are truly a win-win-win situation for the platform, the developer, and us.”

Here are the programs:

GoGames.Run Publisher Program can be integrated with publisher portal in under five minutes time and can help publisher to increase user engagement on their portal with gamification.

GoGames.Run Developer Program allows any developer to develop their own games and launch on the GoGames.Run network and generate revenue.

GoGames.Run Gamification Program enables Brands/OTTs/Media Companies/Portals/Telecoms and more to quickly run various exciting campaigns around gaming which can result in increased user engagement and loyalty. Using our gamification programs, brands can generate huge shout in the market & increase their presence by manifold.