Betting apps being used to fund Naxals and terrorists in India

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An international gambling ring that conducted online betting from Sector 108 of the city was recently busted by Sector 39 Police Department in Noida. The police is also discovering new information from the investigation in the matter related thereto.

The gang was linked to 10 states inside India, but also have link in 11 other countries. The police also discovered Rs 100 crores that were transferred from a several trading accounts in Gujarat. The money from these gambling apps was also used to fund Naxalism and terrorist activities in the region.

According to a report by Navbharat Times, The online gambling ring that was arrested in Sector 108, according to Noida Police officers, had its roots in Jhansi. Investigations have shown that the fraudsters in the group used the Mahadev Book app in addition to about 15 other applications to carry out illegal activities.

The report also clarified about the other apps being used for these activities, which include, Anna App, Reddy App,, Natraj, CricketBet, Fair Play, MazaPlay, PariMatch, Betway, Wolf777, FairPlay, 1xBet, and other similar platforms.

Some of the arrested suspects also revealed that a significant number of people use all of these apps for online gambling. Approximately 60 user accounts used for trading were also recovered from the suspects as a part of the investigation being made by the police.

From all of these 60 accounts, transactions totalling to an astonishing sum of roughly INR 400 Crore were recorded. Around 100 crore rupees were also transferred from a few accounts in Mumbai and Ahmedabad during the probe.

Information regarding the funding of Naxals affected areas was also revealed during the investigation. Coincidentally, several people that were defrauded through these gambling apps also belonged to the same Naxal affected areas. The people have arrested people from these areas too, but the masterminds behind the apps are still at large.

One of the main masterminds, Saurabh Chandrakar, who is the owner of Mahadev Book, an illegal betting app, lives in Dubai. The operators of Mahadev App got training in a hotel in Dubai and then were spread across different states in India.

According to Noida DCP Harish Chander, it has been found that the network of fraud gaming sites have been scattered across many corners of the world, which came to the fore during the investigation.

In addition to this, investigation also revealed that the money is being spent in rather unlawful manner in horse races as well as the Indian Premier League. In order to quickly apprehend the gang’s head, plans are being made to enlist Crime Branch and other key agencies in the inquiry.