BGMI Lite release dates fake, Krafton confirms no such plans on the anvil

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After the ban of PUBG in India, BGMI rose to fame as an alternative online game and successfully garnered significant popularity. Being one of the most played games, BGMI is breaking many records at the moment. As the popularity and success of BGMI continue to rise, it won’t be risky to assume that the developers are now successful in bringing back the zeal of PUBG in all gaming households.

In some recent reports, we came across tentative dates for the release of the BGMI Lite version. But Krafton Inc. has come forth to clarify that all such stories are fake and no player must pay heed to it.

The developers of BGMI had developed the game to bring back a PUBG-like experience for mobile gamers. Although BGMI is faring quite well, the introduction of a Lite version would bring a lot of cheer among the gamers owing to its low system requirements. Even people owning a low to mid-range smartphone would be able to access the game without any lags. The Lite version will definitely garner millions of gamers in the global sector.

However, the Indian gaming community, which was going gaga over the release of a Lite version, is curious now whether the Lite version would be released or not?

Some tweets display the hashtag #weneedbgmilite as a support for the developers to release the version as soon as possible. However, we cannot state for sure whether Krafton will release the BGMI Lite version or not. 

Several websites and Twitter handles have been flooding with news about the release of BGMI Lite. These reports are fake and the developers will not be announcing any date for the release of BGMI Lite in near future as well. 

Then why are the reports, again and again, mentioning that BGMI Lite’s release date is just around the corner? 

Fake news. The reports are nothing but attempted to bamboozle gamers with fake news. Krafton has advised players to not believe in rumors as they “do not have any update on the Lite version.” 

Furthermore, the developers have also put forth their lack of intention towards a Lite version of BGMI.

While BGMI has been successfully garnering applauds from gamers across India, the demands for a Lite version do not seem to go silent. But, Krafton’s reply gives a hint that any such development has a bleak prospect in the future at this very moment.