BJP MP Sushil Modi demands legislation to curb paper lotteries, online betting

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Sushil Kumar Modi, a BJP member of Parliament (MP), urged on Tuesday that the government pass laws to outlaw paper lotteries and online betting due to their detrimental effects on youth and children.

Modi claimed that although paper lotteries have been outlawed in 15 states and all union territories, they are still lawful in Kerala, West Bengal, Punjab, and certain northeastern states as a special mention in the Rajya Sabha.

Modi said, “I request the government to bring suitable legislation for curbing the menace of lottery and online betting to safeguard the economic and social interest of the people.”

Speaking on the matter, Modi also claimed that online betting and paper lotteries both have major socioeconomic effects saying, “Moreover, such activities adversely affect the economically weaker section of the population since they are more likely to purchase lottery tickets in a bid to secure monetary benefits.”

“Online betting platforms entail many associated risks ranging from addiction, debt creation and debt trap, disassociation from family life and society, medical illness, and aggression to loss of life. Such exploitative platforms also affect the nation’s children and youth,” the BJP MP added.

In the fiscal years 2021 and 2019, respectively, the Kerala and West Bengal governments received Rs 4,911 crore and Rs 1,027 crore in revenue from paper lotteries, according to Modi.

“The functioning of paper lotteries and online betting has significant socio-economic ramifications. In Kerala, the amount spent on lotteries increased from Rs 625 crore to Rs 12,000 crore between 1967 and 2020,” Modi told the Rajya Sabha.

Recently the Home Ministry appealed to states and Union Territories, asking them to repeal the Public Gambling Act of 1867 and to make better laws for all types of gaming. This new act may be able to help paper lotteries and online betting in control.