Casino Pride’s unique ‘No Smoking’ campaign to donate oximeters

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Smoking Kills! Over the years, many brands globally have taken a stand on anti-smoking public service announcements. This year Goa’s oldest and most luxurious hospitality venues Casino Pride, has created a stir amongst the masses with their innovative and relevant cause. Every person who takes the Anti-smoking #PledgewithPRIDE, Casino Pride will celebrate their courage by donating oximeters to Government bodies. During this trying times, regular check-ups of one’s oxygen levels is a must. Casino Pride enables this health routine with the provision of oximeters.

Already 300+ Pledges taken and the company has donated over 2500 oximeters along with more than 20 oxygen concentrators. A covid care centre with 100 beds has also been set up by Majestic Pride, powered by majorly funded by Casino Pride.

An active philanthropist Paarth Wadia said “It is the need of the hour. We are doing all we can at our end. Our kitchens have been cooking up FREE meals for all Covid-positive patients, isolating at home. The Anti-smoking campaign is our next step to help reach as many people in need and provide them with oximeters to monitor their health.”

This campaign in trying to help smokers to quit the cigarette and choose life and with the pledge even smokers will have a chance to do good for the society.