CBI begins inquiry into alleged football match fixing

Published on:

According to sources, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has opened a preliminary investigation (PE) into a suspected ongoing football match-fixing case.

Officials from the CBI recently paid a visit to the Dwarka headquarters of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) situated in Delhi and asked for information and documentation on clubs’ investments. AIFF is currently the governing body of football in India.

The CBI is looking into claims that a Singapore-based match-fixer, Wilson Raj Perumal, has invested in Indian clubs through Living 3D Holdings Limited. Wilson has previously served time in prison for match-fixing in Singapore back in 1995 and is also a convict in Finland and Hungary.

Since the investigation is still in its early stages, the officials refused to provide any information regarding the suspects and the preliminary inquiry as it might jeopardize the investigation, which is still in its very early stages.

Some documents, they claimed, have been delivered to the agency, while others are still pending. Numerous Indian football clubs have reportedly been asked to join the inquiry by the agency.

Citing the law, they claimed that the CBI was not permitted to conduct searches, arrests, or interrogations through summonses during the preliminary investigation.

According to them, the central probe agency relies on the assistance of interested parties during the preliminary investigation and only files an FIR when it has evidence supporting the crime.

Various reports of betting and gambling have also surfaced for the upcoming FIFA World Cup. However, compared to the current situation, match-fixing is a very different situation from betting on the game, and if true, it can breach the integrity of the sport.