Chhattisgarh: 14 arrested in providing bank accounts for banned Mahadev Book betting app

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Raipur police successfully busted another breakthrough in the Mahadev Book Online betting app case. This time, the police arrested 14 people who provided bank accounts for the banned and illegal betting app. The police authorities immediately informed the bank(s) and over Rs 2 crore from all the bank accounts have been frozen.

The arrested individuals are identified as Prasun Kumar Dwivedi, Kulwinder Singh alias Sunny, Yuvraj Sahu, Prateek Kumar Shukla, Vishal Kumar Singh, Prateek Namdev, B. Dishant Rao, Pankaj Sahu, Adil Farooqui, Ankit Singh, Bhanpuri Khamtarai, Ashwin Kumar Kashyap, Durgesh Mishra and Pawan.

According to the police, the people who provide bank account for the operation of Mahadev Book are paid Rs 2000 each. Two of the arrested people named Prasun Dwivedi and Yuvraj Sahu used to lure in people to open bank accounts.

Arrested individuals charged under relevant Gambling Act

As reported by Nai Duniya, Dwivedi and Yuvraj Sahu collected the passbooks and ATM cards from people and gave it to Kulwinder Singh (Sunny) who handled all the transactions for Mahadev Book operation. Report suggests that 11 further bank accounts have also been opened.

During the bust, the police seized 13 ATM cards, two mobile phones and Rs 3,000 in cash from their possession. As of now, all the arrested individuals are charged under the Gambling Act.

The operation came into limelight after Kaushal Sahu, a resident of Sahupara Danganiya, lodged a complaint against Yuvraj Sahu who said his friend, Prasun Dwivedi, needed a bank account. Kaushal opened a new account and gave the passbook and ATM to Dwivedi.

After some time, Kaushal went to check for his account with the bank manager. The manager informed him that the account was blocked to excess transactions. Kaushal immediately informed the police and revealed the name of the people involved.

During the interrogation from the arrested individuals, the police found out that the accounts were used for Mahadev Book betting IDs. The bookies gave IDs to people making bets. The users recharged the IDs and these bank accounts were used to carry out transactions.