Chhattisgarh: Police crack down Mahadev Book gambling ring

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The police have cracked down hard on online gambling and revealed transactions worth crores in Chhattisgarh‘s Bastar. Three suspects, in this case, have also been arrested by the Bastar police.

During their questioning, the police told of getting a lot of leads. Top police officials claim that fraudulent accounts have been used to conduct online transactions worth millions of rupees, and these accounts are being looked into.

The official also claimed that throughout the course of the inquiry, transactions totaling more than Rs 100 crore had been discovered and that the Bastar Police were currently looking into information about the opening of phony accounts in other major cities across the nation in addition to Dubai.

According to Bastar ASP Nivedita Paul, the officers arrested a guy called Ravi Yadav after learning of the illegal opening of people’s bank accounts and subsequent transactions totaling thousands of rupees through these accounts in numerous accounts both domestically and internationally, including Dubai.

Three businessmen from Kondagaon and Jagdalpur were also arrested by the police who revealed that numerous youths in Bastar were conducting thousands and millions of rupee-worth of online transactions from their bank accounts.

A thorough investigation is being conducted, according to ASP, who claims that this entire incident is connected to money laundering or online betting. The next few days could see a lot of significant revelations in this area.

The police have arrested Vinod Baghel, Chandan Shetty, and Konda village businessman Gaurav Sancheti as part of the first probe. According to a preliminary inquiry, these three used to open bank accounts in other peoples’ names and conduct transactions totaling lakhs of rupees through those accounts.

In addition, the transaction was unknown to the individuals in whose names the bank account was opened. Police said that the total amount of online transactions could exceed Rs 100 crore.

Police are investigating the entire incident in addition to questioning the accused, and according to ASP Nivedita Paul, there will soon be a significant revelation in this case. The case is pointing towards the links to the Mahadev Book but more information will only be available after further statements from the police.

Mahadev Book is currently being investigated by ED under PMLA for illegal gambling and transactions worth crores. They also operate websites like LaserBook, TigerExchange, BetBhai, Jack9 and BetBook247.