China and Philippines collaborate to repatriate offshore gambling suspects

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Law enforcement agencies from China and the Philippines have sent back over 160 Chinese nationals involved in offshore gambling activities in the Philippines. The joint operation, announced by the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, highlights the commitment of both nations to address various crimes associated with the offshore gambling industry, including fraud and kidnapping.

As reported by Global Times, the Chinese Embassy repeated China’s firm stance against all forms of gambling, emphasizing that online gambling, Chinese citizens gambling abroad, operating casinos overseas, and seeking Chinese citizens to gamble are strictly prohibited under Chinese law. This collaboration signifies an important stride in enforcing these regulations and upholding international law.

This recent repatriation follows a similar operation conducted on February 22, during which over 40 Chinese nationals engaged in offshore gambling were repatriated through the combined efforts of Chinese and Philippine law enforcement agencies. Since 2023, the Philippine Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission, along with other agencies, has led multiple joint law enforcement operations resulting in the arrest of several suspects involved in illegal offshore gambling activities.

Amid rising concerns over telecom fraud cases related to false investment and financial management in China since 2023, collaborative efforts between China and Southeast Asian countries have intensified. Special joint operations have been initiated to combat gambling fraud and related crimes, reflecting a commitment to safeguarding the public from fraudulent activities.

Moreover, beyond the collaboration between China and the Philippines, a joint operation involving China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos has been launched to combat cross-border telecommunications fraud and online gambling crimes, as reported by media outlets.

The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines has confirmed its continued support for the Philippines in addressing issues related to the offshore gambling industry. Through practical law enforcement cooperation, both countries aim to resolve these challenges quickly.

Overall, the joint repatriation effort and ongoing cooperation between China and the Philippines is an important progress in international law enforcement collaboration, emphasizing the shared determination to combat crimes associated with offshore gambling and ensure public safety.