CISF and CRPF take action against online gambling and financial risks among personnel

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To address emerging challenges within their ranks, both the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) have initiated measures to curb online gambling and financial risks among their personnel.

The CISF, during a press conference marking its 55th Raising Day, revealed concerns about the negative effects of online gambling and fraud on its personnel. CISF Special Director-General Piyush Anand highlighted the concerning tendency of staff suicides, while he mentioned it as a personal issue, he particularly referred to online gambling and fraud as significant factors.

Addressing the issue of mental health and cases of suicides among CISF personnel, Anand emphasized that while most cases were attributed to personal rather than professional reasons, the force was taking proactive steps to address the underlying issues, reported The Hindu. He revealed that CISF is organising financial literacy classes to educate staff about the risks associated with online gambling and financial fraud. During the Raising Day address he said, “If they are gambling online and consequently someone owes a debt of Rs.10 lakh to Rs.20 lakh, one feels stressed and doesn’t see a way out. You fall into a trap set by some online fraudster and they siphon off Rs.10 lakh to Rs.20 lakh from your account, again you face financial stress.”

CRPF has also taken a proactive stance against online gaming activities among its personnel. Unit in-charges across all states have been tasked with identifying personnel engaged in online gaming, cryptocurrency trading, and risky financial transactions. This initiative aims to prevent personnel from falling into financial crises due to their participation in online gambling and speculative trading activities.

During a meeting held on February 12, DG Anish Dayal Singh emphasized the need to assess the impact of online gaming and other risky transactions among CRPF personnel and to implement effective preventive measures accordingly. As per the directives issued by the DG, unit in-charges across all states have been instructed to gather information regarding personnel participating in online gaming platforms such as Dream11, My11 Circle, Teen Patti, Junglee Rummy, Rummy Circle, as well as those involved in crypto trading, equity trading, and non-bank loans, reported Indian Express.

This directive follows a similar initiative undertaken by the Director General of the Border Security Force (BSF), who ordered the compilation of details regarding personnel with loans from banks or insurance companies, particularly focusing on regular defaulters. This decision came because of an incident involving a BSF constable, Amit Rana, who allegedly faked his death to evade loan repayments and was subsequently arrested in June last year.

Both security forces are conducting thorough inquiries into the underlying causes of personnel suicides and instances of financial distress. They are also implementing measures to promote mental well-being and financial literacy among their ranks.