Close aide of Mahadev App promoter Nitish Diwan sent to three days of judicial custody

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In a significant development, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) presented Nitish Diwan, a key associate of Mahadev Online Betting App promoter, before a special court in Raipur today. He has been sent to 3 additional days of judicial custody after the police custody period has ended, with his hearing scheduled for February 26.

Nitish Diwan is under scrutiny for his involvement in the recovery of the Mahadev App, along with his collaboration with Mahadev App founders elder brother in promoting the app during the Bollywood IIFA awards event. Additionally, allegations have surfaced regarding cash payments to film stars during the app’s success party in Dubai.

The police had issued a lookout notice against Nitish Diwan for his involvement in managing the operations of the Mahadev app. Under the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), 2002, the ED arrested Diwan on February 15, who was in close association with the promoter of Mahadev Book.

Reports suggest that Nitish Diwan and his brothers share a close association with Mahadev App’s promoter. Hailing from Vaishali Nagar in Bhilai, Diwan joined forces with the operator of the Mahadev App after they collaborated in Dubai. This partnership led to their joint venture.

The founders of Mahadev App joined hands in 2017 to create a website to earn money through online betting. Nitish Diwan was entrusted with monitoring the earnings of the App. Subsequently, he was appointed as a member of the core committee of illicit business endeavours.

With each passing day, new layers of the Mahadev App case are being unveiled. The police are receiving several confidential pieces of information, based on which efforts are being made to reach other involved culprits. The investigation aims to delve deeper into the fraudulent activities associated with the Mahadev App and bring all the criminals to justice.