‘Common people buy tickets but TMC leaders win bumper prize’- Suvendu Adhikari accuses TMC of money laundering in West Bengal

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Bharatiya Janata Party’s Suvendu Adhikari has made the headlines after accusing the ruling party (TMC) of money laundering in West Bengal. Adhikari stated that the Trinamool Congress leaders are partnering with a tainted lottery company ‘Dear Lottery’ to dupe taxpayers of their hard-earned money. The BJP leader sighted the example of TMC MLA Vivek Gupta’s wife, who recently claimed a lottery amounting to 1 crore.

The opposition leader accused the TMC of having an illicit relationship with ‘Dear Lottery’, who are helping the ruling party leaders in filling their pockets. Suvendu Adhikari claims that the lottery company remains unregulated in the state, enabling officials to use devious methods to dupe common people of their hard-earned money.

“I’ve been saying this all along, that Dear (Bhaipo) Lottery & TMC have a tangled relationship. It’s an easy way to launder money,” the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader wrote in a tweet.

Adhikari also admitted to having alerted the Union Home Minister Amit Shah on the matter via a letter last year. He stated the use of unethical methods by the lottery company since there is no transparency, leaving officials unsupervised.

“There are severe irregularities at play, and unscrupulous methods have been adopted, which needs to be thoroughly investigated. The lottery company is now hand in glove with the TMC party, and both are minting cash amounting to crores generated due to unregulated devious methods. The TMC party has found another way to loot public money; this time duping those who are buying lottery tickets,” he said seeking the intervention of the MHA in the matter.

The BJP leader accused the ruling party of draining the innocent hard-working sector of West Bengal of their money. He said that the lottery company lures the common people on the false premise of winning easy money and looting their hard-earned money.

“The poor people of WB are being lured by the prospect of winning easy money & are becoming addicted. With easy access, they’re draining their hard-earned money on such tickets & corrupt TMC leaders are gaining at their expense,” he added.