Daman police nab five people involved in issuing fake casino license

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The local police in Daman have arrested five people who were involved in issuing a fake government license to operate a casino in a local commercial unit named Deltin Hotel in Daman.

As reported in previous developments, it was seen how the fake social media post which went viral on several online platforms had led to the spike in Delta Corp shares. Delta shares raised to a day high of INR 230 on account of the fake news.

To note, Daman and Diu is one of the only three states in India where casinos are permitted. The other states where casinos are legal are Goa and Sikkim. Meanwhile, a permission letter granting to operate a casino in a hotel went viral on social media platforms.

According to the police, the accused made this fake letter viral for their financial gain as the authorities made arrests in several cities including Delhi and Mumbai as well. They have also seized 11 mobile phones and other documents.

The names of the five accused persons are Vigil Kantharia, Pawan Chaudhary, Umesh Pandya, Iqbal Ahmed Khatri, and Devendra Gond. The local authorities also revealed that the fake letter was prepared by Gond. He was the one who got arrested in Mumbai. Gond created an online platform named to spread false information among the people.

The main accused, Vigila Kantheria, who was nabbed in Delhi was the mastermind behind the fake letter getting viral. His motive was to lure potential investors and try to scam them. The local police revealed that they were also successful in convincing a handful of people and taking money from them. The police said that the amount was in crores but did not reveal the exact numbers.

As mentioned above, Goa, Sikkim, and Daman & Diu are three places where betting and gambling are allowed. The State treasury also accepts a major chunk of the revenue is being generated by Casinos and Gaming houses operated on the land or sea.