Danyell “TheDanDangler” banned by Twitch for the sixth time

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Danyell “TheDanDangler,” a highly controversial streamer, has once again received a ban from Twitch. The streamer has received six bans in total, so they are not unfamiliar to her (even though she only started streaming in 2020). Along with a few bans for wearing indecent clothing while streaming, she has also occasionally been suspended.

This suspension was due to a prior reason, as stated in a tweet. Danyell stated that she had worn the outfit several times previously but had never been fined, and she shared a screenshot of the email from Twitch administrators listing the explanation as “Inappropriate Attire.”

In February 2020, Danyell, a 1999-born native of Michigan and Twitch streamer, was approved as a sponsored streamer. She asserts that the roots of the moniker are the abbreviation of her initial name and the nickname “TheDanDangler” that she picked up when playing soccer as a young kid. Many users on Twitter became frustrated by this, her sixth ban, and made jokes about Twitch permanently banning her.

TheDanDangler, who frequently queues by herself, is well renowned for playing Call of Duty: Warzone. She also actively participates in FPS games like Valorant and Apex Legends. Warzone is the game she plays the most on Twitch, with an incredible 1,647 hours of live streaming time, per Twitch Tracker. Even now, they play together as NickMercs.

She has 398,299 followers and is now rated 724 globally. When she was banned, she had a commendable 3.7K viewers per broadcast on average. TheDanDangler got notoriety in January 2022 when she infamously requested sick day money from Twitch while she was subject to a two-day ban. She received three bans in the period from January to September.