Delhi cops trace missing girl with help of online gaming app

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Delhi Police located the 16-year-old missing girl from the Chanakyapuri area within three hours of her missing compliant with the aid of gaming app.

The girl’s parents filed the complaint on Monday, August 15, after not being able to find their daughter for hours. Police investigated the matter and found the girl in the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara area with the help of a multi-player online game.

The girl had a rift with her mother and she was planning to leave the city. The police team, under Station House Officer Sanjeev Verma, analyzed the parent’s phone for some clue. They checked all the apps and found one gaming app which came in very handy to track the girl.

“We didn’t know how much it would help but we checked all apps. We found an app where one can message players while playing. We accessed data and found that she was in touch with one of the gamer friends,” said SHO Sanjeev Verma according to Financial Express.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Delhi, Amrutha Guguloth stated that the girl’s mother approached the police at midnight on Monday and the girl was carrying no mobile phone so it was a difficult task for the police to locate her.

“Since she was not carrying any gadget, it was difficult to trace her but our teams found the girl in less than three hours,” the DCP said.

But police managed to access the girl’s messages on that gaming platform and found out that she approached one friend through that app. Police approached her friend and made him reveal the girl’s location. They found out that the girl called her friend from an unknown mobile number and after tracing that number they located her at Bangla Sahib Gurudwara. It took only three hours to track the girl and that online game proved a key to finding the location.

“It was confirmed that he was in touch with her. We had her call records and she had called him Sunday… He said she went to a temple near Sarojini Market. We sent staff but she couldn’t be located there. We suspected his version and questioned him again. He then revealed she later called him using another number and said she was at Bangla Sahib Gurdwara,” the DCP was quoted saying by Financial Express.