ED and ACB-EOW escalate action in Mahadev gambling case

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The Enforcement Directorate (ED) team has been swiftly investigating the Mahadev gambling case in recent times. The ED team is filing FIRs against individuals connected to the Mahadev  gambling app. In line with this, a significant action has been taken once again against individuals associated with the Mahadev app.

As reported by IBC 24, according to information received, ACB-EOW has filed an FIR in the Mahadev app case. ACB-EOW has registered an FIR against unknown individuals on charges of conspiracy and corruption. This information has been sourced from insiders. 

It is worth mentioning that ED had filed complaints against ACB-EOW, including officials and several gamblers. Based on this, after FIRs related to coal, DMF, custom milling, and excise irregularities, the sixth FIR has been registered. Confirmation from ACB-EOW regarding this matter is pending.

The ACB-EOW’s filing of FIRs marks a development in the ongoing probe. It signals a proactive approach by law enforcement agencies to address concerns regarding corruption and illegal gambling practices allegedly associated with the Mahadev app.

Neither the FIR filed by ED nor the complaints filed against ACB-EOW mention the names of any police or administrative officials. However, statements from individuals associated with ED do mention the names of police and administrative officials. Hence, ACB and EOW have not included the names of any police or administrative officials in their FIRs.

In recent weeks, the Enforcement Directorate’s efforts have intensified, shedding light on the alleged malpractices surrounding the Mahadev app. With each step forward, the investigation delves deeper into the intricate web of connections and activities linked to the app’s operations.