ED questions Chikoti Praveen for seven hours over Benami transactions and FEMA violations

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After summoning Chikoti Praveen last week, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) questioned the casino organizer for around seven hours in Hyderabad on Monday regarding the alleged Benami transactions and possible FEMA violations.

Earlier in February, Praveen was issued a notice by the IT department regarding his Rs 2.85 crore Range Rover. At the time, he told that the vehicle belonged to his friend who was letting him use it.

Praveen was also questioned regarding his recent arrest by the Thailand police for taking part in an illegal underground casino and possible involvement regarding the same. The ED believes that Praveen, along with other people, was laundering money by organizing casino games in Thailand.

Praveen, along with 80 other Indian nationals, was arrested during a raid at a hotel in Pattaya, Thailand. Reports suggested that the group was planning to leave Thailand early next day but were caught the night before.

Meanwhile, after the interrogation ended, Praveen talked to the media. As reported by Andhrajyothy, he said that the purchase of luxury cars is being investigated by the IT department and further questions regarding other cases were all answered.

He also said that the rumours regarding YCP leaders visiting him in Thailand are untrue, and he did not invite anyone. Instead, he was the one who went as a player and got tricked. He also claimed that the rumours indicating that he bribed Rs 50 lakh to the Thai police to effect his release are also false.

Praveen further told that he will soon be joining a political party but refrained from revealing which one. Andhrajyothy reported that it is being rumoured that he will be joining BJP.